Translating the Agile Marketing Manifesto (Guidelines)

#SprintTwo brought together the community in the effort to update the agile marketing manifesto values and principles. The one sub-committee that probably met the most during 2021 was the global translation committee. An effort to translate the progress and manifesto. Initially making sure we had versions of the blog posts in French, Spanish, and English, but eventually, we want to expand the translations into ten languages. 

We’ve already updated the translations for:

To that purpose we’ve designed guidelines for finding translators of the agile marketing manifesto, which we publish below for your review and feedback: 

Agile Marketing Manifesto Leadership welcomes individual translation contributions to ensure the Manifesto Values and Principles are accessible to as many marketers as possible around the world. The translation and localization work is done in teams of 2-3 marketers.

  • Should you want to contribute please contact the Global Agile & Translation.
  • The minimum criteria to be selected as a contributor is as follows:
  • 5 Years Marketing Experience
  • and/or
  • 2 Years Active in an Agile Marketing Capacity as a professional or coach in Home Country
  • Demonstrated Participation & Access to Agile Marketing Communities in Home Country
  • Track record of Posting & Article Publishing about Agile Marketing on Social Platforms
  • Attention to Detail and thoughtful application of Fair Balance in Text (eg. focus on informing & educating, avoid self-serving, adopt a non-commercial tone based on facts)
  • Commitment to Promote & Share the Translated Work once Completed and Approved, ideally reaching a minimum of X Individuals in your Agile Marketing Community

We created a form for people to sign up to translate, however, be aware that we might already have a person translating a language in the works, we will let you know.