We are discovering better ways of creating value for our customers and for our organizations through new approaches to marketing. Through this work, we have come to value:

  • 1 Validated learning over opinions and conventions
  • 2 Customer focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy
  • 3 Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns
  • 4 The process of customer discovery over static prediction
  • 5 Flexible vs. rigid planning
  • 6 Responding to change over following a plan
  • 7 Many small experiments over a few large bets

Attendees of SprintZero held June 11th 2012 in San Francisco, CA

While we made some important decisions at SprintZero, this is a work in progress. We will apply our own process to publish this manifesto, measure the results, learn from the feedback, and adapt and iterate.

And we ask you to help with these questions:

  • Are these the right values?
  • Should we eliminate any?
  • Should we consolidate any?
  • Have we missed something?

Where did the values come from?

We derived these values from previously posted Agile Marketing manifestos, which were summarized in a blog post by Travis Arnold, Roundup: Agile Marketing Manifestos.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the team at MindJet for hosting SprintZero. SprintZero was organized by Jim Ewel and John Cass, with lots of help from Frank Days, Travis Arnold, Rohn Jay Miller, Jascha Kaykas-Wollf, Deborah Miller, Parker Trewin, and Nicolette Androski.

This declaration may be freely copied in any form, but only in its entirety through this notice.