Agile Marketing Principles

To keep up with the speed and complexity of marketing today, we are adopting a different mindset and new ways of working. The principles elaborate on the values.

  1. Great marketing requires close alignment, transparency, and quality interactions with internal and external customers
  2. Seek out different and diverse points of view
  3. Embrace and respond to change to enhance customer value
  4. Plan only to a level sufficient to ensure effective prioritization and execution
  5. Take chances, and learn from your failures
  6. Organize in small, cross-functional teams where possible
  7. Build marketing programs around motivated individuals and trust them to get the job done
  8. Long-term marketing success benefits from operating at a sustainable pace
  9. Agile marketing isn’t enough. Excellence in marketing requires continuous attention to marketing fundamentals as well
  10. Strive for simplicity
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