Sprint Two Updates – The Agile Marketing Manifesto in 2021

In 2012, the agile marketing community gathered in San Francisco for Sprint Zero, an event where 35 marketers came together to discuss agile marketing. During the meeting we created a draft of the Agile Marketing Manifesto. The event was a tremendous success, the manifesto was published, we had several articles published, it was the largest meeting of agile marketers to that point in time, and we created a number of meetup and online groups as a result.

In 2017, we held another meeting in San Francisco, Sprint One, and at that meeting we identified some of the crucial issues to enable Agile Marketing to become a mainstream approach to marketing. And the meeting was the impetus for the creation of a certification program for agile marketers.

In 2020, after a discussion with colleagues about the state of the agile marketing community and the manifesto, we now think it is yet again time to think about updating the manifesto, and hold another meeting, Sprint Two.

For Sprint Two, we believe we need to finalize the Manifesto, which still feels like a draft. We need to discuss additional capabilities that would increase the adoption of Agile Marketing. And it would be fun to gather and share experiences, get to know each other better, and just generally have fun. We are thinking this would be a virtual event, sometime later this year, date to be determined.

To work towards Sprint Two, we put together a core team, and then reached out to marketers who have made contributions to the Agile marketing community. We formed the Sprint Two Leadership Group (STLG). And over April and May we have been working on putting a survey together to gather insights on the current manifesto, and where we should go with values and principles.

Here are the members of the STLG:

  • Frank Days
  • Roland Smart
  • Andrea Fryrear
  • Stacey Ackerman
  • Melissa Reeve
  • John Cass
  • Travis Arnold
  • Scott Brinker
  • Jim Ewel
  • Andrew Burrows
  • Giannina Rachetta
  • Nadine Rochester
  • Rachel Chapman
  • Jayson Gehri
  • Amy Luethmers
  • Femi Olajiga
  • Jen Singleton
  • Pam Ashby

The group has been working diligently and is putting together a survey. Once we’ve finished the survey, we will send out the survey, and get feedback from the community on the current manifesto. The leadership group will update the manifesto based on feedback from the community, and then we’ll host Sprint Two where we’ll present the updated manifesto to the community. And you the marketing community will then be able to give feedback on the update to the manifesto. The Leadership Group will then review any comments, and update if necessary. In addition, during the Sprint Two virtual event we will talk about the future of the agile marketing community and ask for your ideas and contributions.

Stay informed here as we roll out the survey and join together as a community to increase understanding of the use of agile for the marketing profession.